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We’re big fans of comics around here, especially the ones continuing the adventures of our favorite horror movie characters! Here’s the lowdown on what we’ve been reading lately . . .


HATCHET #2 (American Mythology Productions)

Eager college filmmakers arrive at a topless Mardi Gras and head out to shoot their new horror flick at Victor Crawley’s ol’ place, never suspectin’ he’s real or currently killin’ every trespasser on his property. Putrid polecats, I have no fuckin’ clue what the hell’s goin’ on with the artwork in this luke warm story. It literally looks like the artist couldn’t meet the deadline and left the publisher no choice but to print his thumbnail sketches for page layouts. It’s insultin’ how rushed it looks and even more distractin’ with the occasional polished page popped in. Overall, the story’s decent enough, but they need a new artist!


Continuin’ their truckin’ ‘cross the scorched backroads of America, Jack and Lo Pan are caught by a roamin’ gang of Max Maxin’ nomads while fightin’ over Jack bein’ responsible for the apocalypse. Brought before the road tribe’s leader, Jack’s ecstatic to see it’s Wang resurrected from the dead, but Wang’s none too happy ’bout the price the world had to pay for their reunion. The artwork continues to jump off the page, the writin’ reads smooth, and there’s still plenty of laughs to be had in this fun series that’s every bit as good as the movie thanks to John Carpenter’s involvement!


PUPPET MASTER: CURTAIN CALL# 1 (Action Lab/Danger Zone)

So, instead of wrappin’ up the whole camp cult storyline left danglin’ in issue 20, we’re skippin’ ahead in time with all that stuff already bein’ resolved and focusin’ on Anapa makin’ his next big move for ultimate power. Only a reincarnated Toulon and Anthony have any hope of stoppin’ him and his puppet army which is easier said than done with ass face gainin’ control of Toulon’s own deadly creations. I hate how the creators completely ditch their last unfinished story from the regular series, but love the way this new plot is developin’ with all of our favorite characters from the Puppet Master movies comin’ together in a well thought out clash thanks to uber fan, author Shawn Gabborin. Still the best horror movie tie-in comic on the rack!


And so ends another Evil Dead story with Ash savin’ Alan Shepherd High’s homecomin’ dance from their Deadite possessed selves and stoppin’ the twisted secret agent behind it all. The art’s simple but kinetic, there’s some nice interaction among characters amidst pages packed with blood sprayin’ action, Ash’s car’s got new tricks, and we’re even given some new villains who aren’t evil copies of Ash . . . sorta. And for those who care, the creators do tie up some loose ends that allow this story to potentially fit into previous continuities with minimum imagination.


It’s Jack and Lo Pan versus the apocalypse as they travel across a scorched America to dethrone the demon responsible for the world goin’ down the toilet. The first big obstacle they run into is a stretch of highway that manifests wronged ghosts from their past, one of which is Wang who reveals Jack’s original doomsday dealin’s with their demonic target ain’t so accidental. More character driven than action packed, this issue still manages to keep up the series’ fun momentum with Jack and Lo Pan’s comedic repartee. Only thing startin’ to bug me is the artist’s renderin’ of Jack which looks like a character from the stop-motion Rudolph special.


Archie’s been busy these last few years fightin’ zombies, aliens, and sharknados in his alternate titles, but now he’s helpin’ Betty hunt werewolves in Riverdale thanks to Jughead’s cursed lineage. After collectin’ the Afterlife with Archie series, I’ve come to think Archie’s not the easiest line of comics to follow. Issues never seem to come out on a predictable schedule, stories will start and stop without any notice, and this Hunger series is frustratin’ ’cause we start in the middle of a story with all this exposition that leaves me to believe I missed a whole mini-series I didn’t even know existed. Good stuff so far with Jughead runnin’ away to the circus and Reggie turnin’ killer wolf, but not as fun as the crossover with Predator and not quite as deep as Afterlife.


Nice cover, but this is basically a reprint of three old Archie shorts. Two are about Reggie scaring the gang at different costume and Halloween parties thrown by Veronica ’til the tables are turned on him, and the last is one of them toddler tales with everyone dressin’ as rugrat ghosts for another one of Ronnie’s parties. Skip it and just buy the Halloween digest at the supermarket!


A mortal Lo Pan has tricked Jack Burton into leavin’ his patch of paradise to rescue him from his corner of hell on Earth and proposes they team-up for a cross-country adventure to defeat the demon responsible for their apocalyptic future. Still a great series that hasn’t lost steam with any of its installments yet, the writin’ is fun, the art has whimsy with edge, and I can’t get enough of this crazy world of beasts and boogers Jack has to fight through. Awesome read!


In this breather issue, we take a break from Deadites and get to know the characters a little better as Ash continues his hunt for evil at Alan Shepherd High School with help from problematic students and a supernatural swat team made in his image. Seriously, with the exception of the cliffhanger endin’, Ash doesn’t encounter one bad booger he’s gotta blow away. In the meantime, however, the writer proves he’s got the chops to make this comic more than mere splatter action with a well paced jugglin’ act that develops a well rounded cast of dynamic characters preparin’ for the homecomin’ dance.


Brother trucker Jack Burton returns as an aged wisecracker livin’ the good life and accidentally releases a demon of the east who ushers in a supernatural apocalypse after mergin’ the world of the livin’ with the afterlife. Spared from torment for releasin’ him, Jack is finally stirred from his acre of private heaven when a supposed hottie’s distress call comes over his CB radio, motivatin’ his butt to quest the new hell on Earth and rescue her. I’ve never been disappointed in the BTILC comics, and nothin’s changed with this newest story that’s sure to deliver top shelf entertainment. With creator/director John Carpenter as one of the writers, this first issue is packed with deep Jack Burton quotes, funny twists, and cool explorations of new hells full of all kinds of monsters. Excited to see how this rides out!

HATCHET #1 (American Mythology Productions)

It’s 1985, and a gang of college filmmakers are settin’ out to create the next great slasher flick inspired by their town’s local legend, the boogeyman of the swamp himself, Victor Crowley. To make things authentic, the rag-tag guerilla gag of goobs plan on filmin’ it at Crowley’s old haunt of a home, clueless he’s even real and still butcherin’ trespassers as they speak. A good first issue that delivers well paced laughs and splatter gore with a story worthy of bein’ a Hatchet film in its own right, the art is the only distractin’ thing from time to time with the artist’s understandin’ of anatomy. Half the time the film geeks look like adult heads stuck on youngn’s bodies!


This rockin’ mini-series performs its swan song in time to advertise the band’s continuin’ adventures in the newest Gwar album bein’ released, and it’s one of the craziest last issues I’ve ever read! Gwar rounds up the last bit of help they need for winnin’ the day and hyper jet their dick shaped time machine to their final fight with Mr. Perfect, the intergalactic bein’ who killed Oderus Urungus. Poster worthy splash pages of insane timewarp antics, a full ship of wonderfully offensive characters, and a monstrous endin’ that doesn’t fail to satisfy. Comes with 3 additional short stories in the back and a few original pieces of Gwar art.


It’s the Howling version of Dog Soldiers as this issue unleashes the hounds of war with Marsha leadin’ werewolves and their newly resurrected zombie pack against a small army of unlucky joes. Not a lot of story to get in the way of the plot, and there’s gore galore with some nicely done pages of Swiss cheese wolves tearin’ green shirts limb from bloody limb with explosions and helicopter crashes. And if that weren’t awesome enough, this mini-series wraps up with an unexpected endin’ I’m surprised the creators took because it kinda makes Chris’ involvement pretty pointless if not for Marsha wantin’ revenge for him helpin’ kill her pack.


Alright, things are startin’ to come together and this story’s gettin’ interestin’ again! Marsha Quist opens the issue grabbin’ nuts and killin’ porno stars with their own bones, Chris is pulled deeper into government conspiracies coverin’ up the existence of werewolves, they start crossin’ paths now with Marsha wantin’ revenge for her brother’s death in The Howling movie, and there’s a teaser for zombie werewolves next iss’! Much better balance between Marsha and Chris’ stories, “Whoa!” worthy moments of gore, and promisin’ developments movin’ the story forward.


So, it seems this particular series has difficulty givin’ readers action and story at the same time. After I bitched about the last 1-2 issues bein’ a bunch of splatter brawls without a lot of substance, we’re finally developin’ the story some with the introduction of an elite force of supernatural butt-kickers Arthur and his knights started after Ash left Medieval times. This adds another level of cool stuff to the Evil Dead mythos that could open doors to more possible adventures, but this exposition kind of takes over the issue with Ash just throwin’ down a bit with Deadite haters refusin’ to believe he’s the chosen one they strived to live up to.


Keepin’ the pedal to the metal, Gwar continues rocketin’ through the timeline fightin’ octopussies and mutant semen durin’ the sinkin’ of the Titanic, Sawborg Destructo in the Renaissance, and fan boys at a tappin’ of Jerry Springer where they finally come mug to pustule mug with the late Oderus Urungus. Still a thin plot without a lot of development, but a fun filthy ride full of jizz monsters, sexual beasts, and total disregard for decency. Includes 2 mini-stories of Oderus and Gwar’s slaves as well as a fan art gallery.


This series started out the gate strong, but I’m not quite as impressed with this issue. Sure, there’s full blown werewolf action with Marsha Quist tearin’ through armed men and rippin’ guy’s nuts off while Chris Halloran continues his investigation of forces plottin’ against him, but there’s somethin’ missin’ I can’t put my finger on. Might be Marsha and Chris’ lack of interaction so far and how there’s no one as interestin’ as them in their divided stories so far. Decent art but nothin’ stellar that elevates the story.


Damn! This series started off on the right foot but is losin’ steam with this latest lackluster entry. Ash and the hormone burstin’ yahoos in detention are now surrounded by the Necronomicon’s evil that’s possessed the entire school buildin’ and that’s . . . that’s it. Sure, the evil finds a new host in the janitor and barfs the school inside out into an M.C. Escher paintin’, but nothin’ really moves the story forward, even with the last minute introduction of a secret organization that’s been keepin’ tabs on Ash. Only memorable moment is the Necronomicon possessin’ a dumpster that eats a fella!


After survivin’ the slaughter of her werewolf colony by a TV news team in The Howling (1981), Marsha Quist is back and on the hunt for anyone she can blame for her family’s demise. While she spends half the issue chasin’ Dr. Waggner’s wife (who’s surprisingly not a werewolf) to have a bite, the rest of the story follows Chris Halloran’s turmoil after shootin’ Dee “Dogface” Wallace on live television at the end of Joe Dante’s cult hit. I’m likin’ this so far, but I ain’t in love with it. The art is good but nothin’ remarkable, and I’m missin’ Marsha’s point for goin’ after the wife of the doctor from the movie. Seems like she would have gone after Chris, who’s got the better story so far. Killer covers for a first issue!


The outrageously barbaric rock band from the Scumdog universe is still ping pongin’ through time and space in a dick-ship, turnin’ the timeline inside out with each historic blood ‘n guts encounter. After violent run ins with cave men, Nazis, Aztecs, and passengers on the  Titanic, you might want to pick up your history book for a refresher course! Now that we’re past all the expositions and roll call in the first issue, this next chapter feels less encumbered and a more fluid read. Only critique I got for now is wantin’ to see more distinctive personalities out of each band member. 2 bonus mini comics in the back and fan art.


Undercover as a substitute teacher, Ash continues his no non-sense investigation at the local high school to figure out who’s been meddlin’ with Deadite forces. Just when he thinks he’s cornered the culprit in detention, Ash suddenly finds himself sloppily dissectin’ Deadite frogs attackin’ from the science lab. So far, this is a fresh take on Ash that I’m diggin’. He’s wagin’ the same ol’ war against Deadites with nods to tired gags from the Evil Dead flicks, but the circumstances and characters help it feel new and fun to see Ash in a different kind of scenario. 


Gwar, one of the wildest lookin’ rock bands in history, returns to comics and assaults your eyeballs with a dirty sci-fi adventure that’s sure to satisfy any hardcore fan! Durin’ their latest concert followin’ the loss of their leader, Oderus Urungus, the band is attacked by intergalactic foes and fight a bloodbath through time and space escapin’ them. The story’s nothin’ sophisticated, and the action gets bogged down at times with sooo many characters, exposition, and non-sense names packed in, but it’s an overall fun read with extra short stories and fan art in the back that make this first issue well worth the cover price. Lookin’ forward to the next issue.


In this newest reboot/remake of the chosen one, we hit the reset button after Ash blows away an unruly Deadite customer in S-Mart at the end of Army of Darkness. The papers slam him, the public ridicules him, and S-Mart is forced to let him go. With nothin’ better to do, Ash doesn’t mind helpin’ a local teacher who says the unruly shopper was a coworker of hers, infected by an evil that’s still spreadin’ at their school. I first thought it was a bit of a stretch to milk that memorable S-Mart battle for a story, but I’m on board with what the writer’s sellin’ so far. Regardin’ cannon and continuity, this can be read as another alternate dimension/timeline story the other comics have introduced before, or as a prequel to Ash vs Evil Dead, explainin’ why he doesn’t work at the S-Mart anymore.

EVIL DEAD 2: REVENGE OF EVIL ED# 2 (Space Goat Publishing)

So, turns out Evil Ed didn’t know he was attackin’ a Deadite clone of Ash afterall and laughs it off until Clone Ash saws his rotten ass up . . . off page! That’s grade-A bullshit right there. This 2-part blip of a story ends just as bland as it started, and offers very little insight or development in the Evil Dead universe with the most dramatic moment bein’ Clone Ash’s refusal to be an obedient Deadite. Best part in this issue is Ash defeatin’ Dracula after makin’ him question why someone as bad ass as he is would be workin’ with the Deadites. 

HATCHET #0 (American Mythology Productions)

A soft introduction into Victor Crowley’s upcomin’ comic series, this comic breezes over events of the first Hatchet flick from the perspective of John Buechler’s character John Cracker, a piss drinkin’ swamprat with a hard on for blow-up babes. While recappin’ Crowley’s massacre of the tourists who visit his home unannounced, Cracker reminds the reader who Crowley is and the stories that surround his infamous legend as a Louisiana slasher. The artwork is a little rough, but the issue serves its purpose as a well written teaser with a bonus black and white preview comic in the back of butt naked vampire chicks in orgies.


And so concludes what I think is the WORST Army of Darkness comic ever published, and it’s well past time! Xena is still doomed to be defeated by the Deadites unless old man Ash escorts her to the Garden of Eden and stop the one responsible before it even happens. And who’s the villainous mastermind abusin’ the Necronomicon this time? Some lovesick yahoo from the dawn of man who got the hard brush from Adam and Eve and wants the rest of the world to be just as miserable. So, they fight, time’s restored (I guess), the end. I still can’t believe this shit got made. The art is fine and enjoyable, but the writin’ is atrocious and a waste of space on the comic rack!


This hilarious crossover comes to a satisfyin’ conclusion as dopplegangers Jack Burton and Snake Plissken deliver their final blows against Lo-Pan, she-Snakes, magical mega-bomb guitars, and a fuckin’ fire breathin’ dragon! This is one of the best crossovers I’ve ever read, and praise the creators for not takin’ it too serious and givin’ fans a book that feels true to the characters with colorful artwork that leaps off the page! Hunt the individual issues or pick up the graphic novel, because it’s worth it!

zedEVIL DEAD 2: REVENGE OF EVIL ED# 1 (Space Goat Publishing)

If you recall, Ash took out Evil Ed just as quick as he popped up in Evil Dead 2, but this comic brings ol’ chompers back as if he’s one of Ash’s greatest enemies. Ed is now a head honcho or somethin’ in hell and rallies together the most juvenile line-up of evil from Hitler to Bin Laden to help him get revenge on Ash – er, his magical clone to be exact. You know, I don’t think it’s clear enough if Ed even knows he’s goin’ after Ash’s Deadite copy or not, but I doubt it would change how lame the story is with Clone Ash ridin’ a bus to hell and chainsawin’ his way through Deadites like he’s partin’ the Red Sea with wet farts. Lots of missed opportunities for this to be a bit deeper with Clone Ash’s new romance with Annie bein’ thrown into a little turmoil with her connection to Ed which could have been explored more than the movie allowed. Sequential junk food for the horror soul.


This surprise hit just keeps on truckin’ as Snake Plissken and Jack Burton continue their fight against post-apocalyptic governments and spectre sorcerers. The government comes in possession of a magical guitar from Hell and do their best to rock Snake and Jack’s cross country convoy to death. Jack convinces Lo-Pan to help them fight, and he summons the greatest Snake Plissken that’s ever existed among all the universes which might be more trouble than expected! This issue isn’t quite as funny as the last few, but that’s probably because it has to do a lot of set-up for the conclusion comin’ up next. Enjoyed the return of Lady Snake who’s certainly a break out character!

zpupPUPPET MASTER: HALLOWEEN 1989, THE CREATURE (Action Lab/Danger Zone)

Fans return to the ’80s as a mysterious Scooby-Doo creature sneaks into the Bodega Bay Inn on Halloween and is greeted by a deadly pint size security system of Toulon’s killer puppets. Set sometime between the first and second Puppet Master movie with the last girl from part one as the puppet’s master, this issue is about as speechless as that famous Snake Eyes issue of G.I.Joe. One of the more violent stories with the puppets relentlessly attackin’ this poor misunderstood monster, the endin’ is pretty funny ’cause you see the puppets kind of panic and go overboard with some of their decisions to save face with their master. Worth a look, but nothin’ too incredibly special.


This ridiculous story about Ash bein’ flung all over Xena’s timeline now has characters in the comic admittin’ they have no idea what’s goin’ on. Xena’s finally breakin’ out of her deja vu death openin’ we’ve had for 4 issues, and we’re finally clued in she’s fightin’ Deadites. She summons Ash once more, only this time, she time warps an elderly Ash who’s been wasting his life on a S-Mart roof waiting for her to call again. Given she can zap Ash from anywhere/anytime, I don’t get why he’s actin’ like a dog waitin’ at the door for his master to return. And if that weren’t enough, Ash arrives at the wrong time and place again and apparently has a plan we’re not privy too, usherin’ Xena to an island of Deadites on a ship he pulls out his ass. This story’s a fuckin’ mess, and I nominate it for the worst Army of Darkness comic EVER published. So much of this could be fixed if we had some narrator guidin’ Ash through this mess, helpin’ him and the reader to understand what’s even happenin’. I’d also like it if Ash was zapped from one Xena moment in history to the next instead of back to his time in between, and there needs to be some Deadite/time warpin’ bad guy for Ash to fight through all these issues as well!

ztikTIKI ZOMBIE# 3 (New Legend Publication)

The cursed bartender known as Tiki Z returns after a long hiatus and nails ya square between the eyes with 3 new black and white shorts! First up is an adventure on the high moon seas with werewolf pirates, followed by a mysterious woman who can drink any toe curlin’ concoction Tiki Z throws at her, and a veggie tale with J.R. Mounts’ Q. Cumbersome, P.I. huntin’ down a kiwi culprit at Tiki’s lounge. Funny, light hearted, and full of monstrous characters worthy of a Saturday morning cartoon, this is a series for horror fans of all ages. If you haven’t watched it already, be sure to check out Tiki Z’s special animated cameo in our Screaming Soup! review “Deadwest Screams at Pinata Survival Island!” 

zwolf3WOLFCOP# 3 (Dynamite)

After Willie’s dismemberment last issue, Wolfcop (now stuck in his wolf state thanks to witchcraft) hightails it back to his hometown where his buddy will re-spawn, and finds everythin’ in chaos with gangs runnin’ amok and Lovecraft-like monsters bustin’ out on the scene. A little off the beaten path, we’re now seein’ Wolfcop fight whole new levels of monsters that put him at the same level of comic book adventure as the Savage Dragon fightin’ beasts of apocalyptic size. But as we learn, it ain’t nothin’ a bullet can’t beat! This issue also features the return of Wolfcop’s partner from the movie.

Wzwolf2OLFCOP# 2 (Dynamite)

Still on the run, Wolfcop and Willie spend the night at a brothel that’s more than it seems as a witch tries capturin’ Wolfcop for a pet. Stayin’ the path, this new series continues stayin’ strong with plenty of laughs, monster mayhem, and gore-tastic artwork featurin’ Wolfman fightin’ witchcraft and flaming skeletons!


zwolf1WOLFCOP# 1 (Dynamite)

Wolfcop is back and on the run with his buddy, Willie, after the bloody conclusion to his first movie. The horrific duo don’t get far, however, before they’re tanglin’ with cannibal biker gangs and rescuin’ babes from killer hog men! A howlin’ start to what promises to be a great series, the art’s spot on, the story’s has depth without bein’ too complicated, and successfully keeps up the humor from the movie. Worth pickin’ up!

zpup20PUPPET MASTER# 20 (Action Lab/Danger Zone)

Toulon is horrified to learn his legacy has been twisted into a cult followin’ when he finds a town full of people willin’ to commit their lives to wood, beginnin’ with familiar lookin’ elite guards becomin’ man size versions of Toulon’s puppets! Puppet on puppet violence, ritualistic suicides, and a story fit for a movie sequel, this continues to be the best horror movie tie-in comic on the shelf!


ycootEVIL DEAD 2: RISE OF THE OLD ONES# 3 (Space Goat Publishing)

And this series goes down the shitter as the writers call mulligan! Turns out the whole Cthulhu invasion is just a fantasy for testin’ whether or not Clone Ash and Annie are worthy enough for  leavin’ the Deadite mirror world they got stuck in durin’ Cradle of the Damned, and they flunk big time. Despite it all bein’ a fantasy, however, Clone Ash does manage to lose his hand in a lame way and will be wearin’ a chainsaw from now on.


Xena’s finally figurin’ out somethin’s wrong when summonin’ Ash in her most dire hour, Ash gets the hint he’s supposed to be pickin’ up clues in Xena’s timeline for helpin’ her when she needs it most, and we have a 1940s reincarnation adventure that’s ehhh at best. I’m comin’ to the realization this would have worked best as a one shot special.


It’s Snake versus Snakes as Plissken is convinced he needs to rescue Jack Burton for his dumb luck to survive their transport of an American treasure with ties to crossroad demons. Lots of fun with interdimensional Snakes that reference other Kurt Russell movies like The Thing, the humor’s consistent, the art is awesome, and I wouldn’t mind seein’ a spinoff series with Lady Snake!


zcomic3PUPPET MASTER# 19 (Action Lab/Danger Zone)

Things just got interesting in this series as a LOT of old faces from the movies return! Andre’s reincarnated as a young boy, the retro puppets are back in action, Blade and the gang are leaving a trail of bodies to find answers to their current problems, Neil’s still working on some big bad plan for the puppets, and Michael from Puppet Master 3 and Legacy has been creating some trouble of his own after all this time. Still THE BEST movie based comic series on the shelf today!


As if fighting a wasteland of marauders while transporting their favorite singer wasn’t enough of a challenge, Jack Burton and Snake Plissken now have the vengeful spirit of Lo Pan summoning an interdimensional army of Snake Plisskens in all shapes and sizes to destroy them! A fun story with awesome artwork, this crossover expands Snake’s universe while exploring Jack’s dumb luck, and shows us how hot a lady Snake is. Wooo, doggy!

zcomic4EVIL DEAD 2: A MERRY DEADITE X-MAS (Space Goat Publishing)

Clone Ash is contacted by a damned soul and warned a Santa village theme park has been overrun by Deadites lookin’ to ruin the holidays. This comic’s a quick light-hearted read with little to no tension, however, the chemistry between Ash and Annie continues to be enjoyable, and they fight an ass load of Christmas monsters from deadly bumper car gingerbread men to possessed Christmas trees. Better than the Krampsu crossover!

zcomicARMY OF DARKNESS/XENA: FOREVER . . . AND A DAY# 3 (Dynamite)

I’m just a glutton for punishment with this Craven forsaken series. We once again open with Xena (now a little wise to being caught in some sort of time loop) summoning Ash through space and time, and this time Ash lands himself right in the middle of Xena’s pirate phase, offering his services as a first mate. Just like previous issues, we read some recycled art, recycled plot sequences, and Ash is in and out of another Xena backstory with no bad guy, plot, or fucking point. This better wrap up with one hell of a punch line at the end!



So, Wang gives the skinny and explains he’s needing Jack Burton and Snake Plissken’s help for a government job transporting items and people of cultural significance out of Cleveland. The art and coloring is amazing and leaps off the page! The story continues to be fun and plausible, and love how Snake and Jack find common ground for helping when they learn their favorite singer is trapped in Cleveland. Off to a great start with this series and hoping they don’t fuck it up!


The crossover no one expected, much less asked for, two of John Carpenter’s greatest creations are pitted against one another, and the story actually makes sense. When a Wang from the EFNY universe tries to magically summon Snake Plissken to his aid, he accidentally pulls Jack through space and time instead. With Jack makin’ enemies with all the wrong people and puttin’ a target on Plissken’s head, Snake’s gotta find his doppleganger quick before anything else can go wrong. Written with the fun of a BTILC book and drawn with the toughness of a EFNY, I’d highly recommend this to fans of either movies!


zkrampEVIL DEAD 2: REVENGE OF KRAMPUS (Space Goat Publishing)

Nothin’ epic here. Just a cute little story about Clone Ash chillin’ on the couch with Krampus after a brief Christmas Eve scuffle in a trailer park. We get some insight into Ash’s childhood, and a more light hearted take on Krampus, but this is pretty much a blow-by read. Good but not great.


zedmartEVIL DEAD 2: REVENGE OF THE MARTIANS (Space Goat Publishing) 

Agents in Area 54 are researching a copy of the Necronomicon and accidentally create Deadite Martians who start bringing the base down with their H. G. Wells war machines. Luckily, Clone Ash is makin’ a livin’ as an uber driver and happens across the mayhem in the nick of time to battle the latest possession problem. I would like to have seen more gore and Deadite Martians in this, with all the loose ends tied up at the end, but it’s still a fun little read that recycles a lot of memorable scenes from War of the Worlds.

zeddraEVIL DEAD 2: REVENGE OF DRACULA (Space Goat Publishing)

A goth chick snags the Necronomicon from Clone Ash and uses it to resurrect Dracula, who’s barely out of the coffin before Ash and another demonic force attack him for the book. An easy read you can fly through, there’s nothing too heavy here and not a whole lot if anything added to the Evil Dead mythos. I’d only recommend this to the die-hard fans.

zedrpEVIL DEAD 2: REVENGE OF JACK THE RIPPER (Space Goat Publishing)

I was most hesitant to read this crossover, but wow, it’s actually good! Clone Ash is invited to act a bit part in a Jack the Ripper movie, but things get real when the Ripper’s biggest fan uses Deadite spells to merge his essence with one of history’s most infamous figures. The art reminds me of David Boswell’s work, the coloring is excellent, and the story introduces some pretty freaky Deadite tricks and new ways to handle them we haven’t seen before! Worth picking up.

zed22EVIL DEAD 2: RISE OF THE OLD ONES# 2 (Space Goat Publishing)

A Cthulhu-like monster is treating the south like its own personal soul buffet, and Annie and Clone Ash try stopping it with voodoo hoodoo since Annie “destroyed” the Necronomicon in a barrel fire when she thought everything was over after their last adventure. A descent issue, but we’ll have to wait until issue 3 to see if this is a pointless detour from actually fighting the monster or if Annie’s actions will have repercussions as the story continues.

zed1EVIL DEAD 2: RISE OF THE OLD ONES# 1 (Space Goat Publishing)

Annie’s depressed about losing Ash’s magic clone in the mirror world and calls it quits on everything Deadite until Clone Ash climbs out of a field of cow pies to warn her some big Lovecraft evil is coming to destroy the world. This story’s working for me so far. It’s developing a more believable relationship between Annie and clone Ash than I ever felt between Ash and Sheila, refuses to use Raimi’s ideas as a crutch, and really elevates the danger for an Evil Dead adventure with the disturbing Cthulhu-like monster tearing through the Carolinas.


What the fuck is this damn series about already?!! We recycle the same opening with Xena in trouble and summoning Ash, but this time he punches a time hag in the face and arrives at Xena’s birth. No bad guy, no plot, no story, nothing to defeat . . . just Ash talking to baby Xena and easily returning to his time. Artwork still rocks but fuck this writer for leaving me feeling cheated out a few bucks!



Xena’s in trouble and summons Ash with a page from the Necronomicon, but sends him to the wrong time and place before the two of them met. They fight for a few pages and then send Ash back to S-Mart, no questions asked. What the fuck is this? Seriously, no bad guy, no story arc, nobody cares to find out why Xena called Ash in the first place . . .  it’s just Ash knocking around with Xena then calling mulligan before he goes home like it was never a problem despite his putting up with reliving slave walking days from AOD. I don’t know where they’re going with this or for how long, but minus the artwork, this issue sucks!



One of the better Army of Darkness books I’ve read in a long while, this 48 page special pits Ash against politics as the Necronomicon warns him an evil worse that the Deadites is possessing a presidential candidate to manipulate America and take over the world. Ash manages to be written in as a 3rd party candidate backed by gun associations after blowing away a Deadite on national television, and cleverly weasels his way to the other candidates to figure out who’s a Deadite before it’s too late! Excellent writing, there’s familiarity with Sam Raimi’s movies without repeating the same old gags, the story has layers and plot, new characters are introduced, the Necronomicon is humorously talking to Ash again, and we get an ending we definitely don’t see coming!

yarchieAFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE# 10 (Archie)

So, Josie and the Pussycats are finally brought into Archie’s unexpected fight with zombies, and it sucks! Rather than be an all American garage band of fun lovin’ teens, the creators decide to make the Pussycats a pack of vampires who’ve been in the music biz since the early 1900s. The whole issue is just a bullshit backstory telling their Dickens-like origins as orphans turned entertainers turned vamps and seeing them fly through Great Gatsby references, Charles Manson incidents, and turbulent times of the late 1900s. Why can’t they be normal people in a crazy situation like everyone else and leave the supernatural stuff to Sabrina the teenage witch? I also have to point out the flaw in Josie’s backstory where the people running the orphanage despise her fancy name which is her deceased mother’s name. Josie’s dad dumps her on the steps of the orphanage without a note, so how did the orphanage even know what her name is?!

ypupPUPPET MASTER# 18 (Action Lab/Danger Zone)

Anthony is pushed over the edge and commands the puppets on a murder spree throughout the Bodega Bay Inn. Bodies galore, Toulon is reincarnated, Anapa returns, the Retro Puppet Master characters are back, and lucha libres tag team the little terrors in a death match. Still THE BEST horror movie based comic on the rack that gives fans what we want!


We weakly conclude this Evil Dead/Mad Max mash-up with a less than exciting battle between Ash and Evil Ash as the Deadites of the apocalypse assault the last plot of holy ground where Dracula’s daughter will banish them with a spell from the Necronomicon. This series has its ups and downs with lots of action and returning characters we’ve grown to like, but the overall story doesn’t feel epic enough for 6 issues, and we need to amp the danger with villains and master plans we haven’t seen a million times already.

ypupPUPPET MASTER# 17 (Action Lab/Danger Zone)

The Bodega Bay Inn guests are getting out of line, and the puppets’ young’n boss ain’t gonna take it any more! Lucha libres, drills to the eye, heads chopped in half, attempted rape, Pinhead and Blade tag-team kills, disembowelment, and the mysterious guest from last iss ushers in the gang from Retro-Puppet Master! Superb writing from someone who cares and knows the movies with fluid art, this is still the best horror film based comic on the shelf.


After all the blood pumping action blowing up the pages last iss, makes sense this would be a bit more of a breather chapter. The action for issue 6 gets set up as Ash sews Frankenstein back together and chases Dracula’s family to the last temple of holy sanctuary where they’ll make their last stand against the Deadites with the Necronomicon. Ash is probably the best he’s been drawn in this series, and our only gripe is what felt like an unnecessary recap of Evil Dead-Army of Darkness over 2 pages.

ymadMADBALLS# 4 (Roar Comics)

The Madballs finally go head to torso with their arch enemies and conclude the Bizzaro Bowl storyline, we’re given another origin for a familiar Madball character, and wrap everything up with the gang bouncing through a storyboard of mythological proportions. Another great ensemble of art styles that captures the craziness of a treasured brand name, we’ve got a little more than expected G-rated humor lightly peppered with the gross-out graphics and eye popping action we really want. Our favorite part is the work by Pizza Party Printing’s Jimmy Giegerich, and were disappointed there weren’t any behind the scenes articles as seen in the previous issues.



And so, we come to the end of an era. Not too long after the cancellation of the Escape From New York comics, Boom! has decided to completely take Kurt Russell off the comic racks. Drawn by most if not all the artists in the series’ run, Jack’s final adventure is landing feet first in the very adventure that started all his troubles in Little China. With help from Egg, he and Winona maneuver behind the scenes of John Carpenter’s film, revealing their involvement with key moments fans will fondly remember. My only gripe is this final issue feels a little too much like a simple blow by blow retelling of the movie and needed to be waaay more focused on our Jack Burton from the future. Still though, an overall satisfying ending that wraps things up nicely (unlike the abrupt ending for Snake Plissken in the middle of an adventure) and keeps us hoping for a new story in the near future. Truly, one of the best movie tie-in comics worth picking up!

ymb3MADBALLS# 3 (Roar Comics)

3 ballistic issues in and holding strong, we pick back up with the Madballs’ Bizzaro Bowl as the Madballs are stranded on an alien planet populated by cute fuzzy balls who want HUGS! The gang must unite against their worst nightmare or never face their true rivals the Torsoids, who’ve gone all Space-Jam super powered in preparation for their encounter! That adventure is then follow by a gritty underground comics version of Madballs meets the Woman Who Ate The Fly, and a handful of cute one page tales spotlighting different fan favorite Madballs in each one. A good mix of art styles, this eye-popping, fly spitting, brain gnawing, toilet diving issue offers a little something for everybody, and gives us more behind the scenes articles on the toyline’s 2007 re-launch.

ypupp16PUPPET MASTER# 16 (Action Lab/Danger Zone)

The Bodega Bay Inn is re-opened for business following Anapa’s defeat, and the newest Puppet Master, Anthony, is keeping mean guests in check with his gang of sneaky toy soldiers patrolling the halls. In the meantime, a mystery man who knows the puppet’s secrets checks in, Camille goes on a murder spree and is recruited for a revenge plan by a resurrected Neil from the original Puppet Master movie, someone’s popping the heads off Anthony’s puppets, and the Toulon’s souls are M.I.A. Writer Shawn Gabborin continues to patch up the film series’ continuity hiccups and never fails to give us the best horror movie tie-in comic on the rack!

yst6SWAMP THING #6 2016 (DC)

So, as if it were an afterthought, the real villain behind Swampy losing his powers isn’t Matt Cable but dum Dum DUM . . . the undying spirit of Anton Arcane! Not that were not happy to see Swampy’s #1 nemesis return to finally possess Swampy’s powers, but for fuck sakes, he needs more villains already. At least he has plenty of allies, because we end this  Swamp Thing storyline with an all out attack on Arcane by Phantom Stranger, Spectre, Zatanna, and even Etrigan the Demon! Pretty packed story with lots of DC’s best supernatural characters, but looks like artist Kelley Jones finally lost steam drawing all those vines on Swampy which was pretty disappointing.



In this latest dark turn for the Scooby-Doo franchise, comic mastermind Jim Lee envisions our favorite meddling kids solving mysterious . . . in the apocalypse?! Rebooting the whole gang from the get-go, Velma now works for secret scientists who abuse nanotechnology meant for creating peace, planning to genetically rearrange the world into monsters instead. She tries leaking the truth to has-been reporter Daphne and her cameraman, Fred, but is too late as the nanobots begin re-shaping the world, and they’re all trapped in a panic room with a dogtrainer named Shaggy and his talking experimental dog, Scooby-Doo!


zcomic4PUPPET MASTER# 15 (Action Lab/Danger Zone)

As soon as ass-face Anapa shows up, the puppets jump to action and take him down with the help of a golem somebody buried in the cemetery out back in case of emergencies. Golems vs demons, puppets vs puppets, amputees vs wooden women, and puppets who disappeared from the movies without an explanation are re-introduced to the series. Still the best horror movie based comic on the rack!


Ash and the monsters of camp Alive make a suicide run for their last ditch plan to take out the Deadites, but shit hits the fan and we say bye-bye to half the cast we spent all that time getting to know last issue. Werewolf biker beheadings, street pizza, Deadite gargoyles, mini-Ashes, Dracula steps up as humanity’s last hope, and Ash plays Moses parting an ocean of Deadites with his chainsaw.

zcomic2BILL AND TED GO TO HELL# 4 (Boom!)

This newest Bill and Ted story comes to a most triumphant close as they battle the forces of heaven, hell, and Napoleon to save God and the universe. It’s a history nerd’s wet dream with pages of historic figures fighting it out with supernatural forces, Station shows off a new power, Bill and Ted’s sons grow up to be bad-asses, God fits in a mason jar, and Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth have the rematch of the afterlife with a flaming sword/lightsaber duel. Excellent!

xcomic1AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE# 9 (Archie)

After what feels like a looong hiatus, the unexpected zombie hit continues as we pick back up with Archie leading his pals through Sabrina’s Cthulhu zombie apocalypse while planning his wedding to Betty and deciding what to do with Reggie after he confesses to Hot Dog’s murder. I originally picked this series up for a laugh, but it’s proven to be some of the best work in horror comics I’ve seen with rich characters you can really invest in and art that carries a lot of impact for being so streamlined. Worth picking up!


zmadMADBALLS# 2 (Roar Comics)

Now, this is more like it! We bounce back into slapstick antics with our favorite 80s toys with 2 new shorts featuring wizards and zombies along with the next installment of the Bizzaro Bowl storyline from issue 1 with the Madballs battling their dreaded enemies, the Torsoids. The art is fun, the jokes are juvenile bathroom humor, and we see the Madball Van in full sequential glory with some cool behind the scenes articles in the back!


Things go from bad to worse as the Deadites infiltrate camp Alive and start dividing the monster mash inside, forcing Ash and the few remaining survivors to make a suicide run for implementing their plans to defeat the army of darkness closing in around them. Plenty of action and gore, this issue focuses more on Ash’s new teammates so we can get attached to them before their likely slaughter in the upcoming issues. Ash still looks like shit.


Lo Pan goes full evil sorcerer, the 3 storms wreck havoc, everything’s burning down, and Jack finally meets his evil doppelganger in this action packed conclusion to the old time Chinatown story arc. I felt a little cheated by the lack of a throwdown between Jack and his death spell  twin, the blocking of the fight sequence got a little confusing, and page 15 could have been laid out a little clearer with Egg’s spell on Lo Pan, but still a fun read with a lot of energy behind the art.

xswampSWAMP THING# 5 2016 (DC)

Matt Cable threatens the world as the new muckman, and everybody from the Parliament of Trees to Phantom Stranger and Deadman come out of the woodwork to tell Alec Holland what a idiot he is for letting it happen. Very little action, but Kelley Jones’ art continues to look phenomenal and happily takes me back to his stint on Batman comics in the mid-90s.


ZCOMIC05MADBALLS# 1 (Roar Comics)

Madballs are back again, and this new comic celebrates their return with 3 humorous short stories about sports and alien invasions! As a longtime fan of Madballs, I have mixed reactions to this comic. The art is wild and beautiful, practically bouncing off the page, but the stories are a little lackluster. I think they needed to be a bit more like comedy sketches with more POW! behind the punch lines, and ground us a little more in the Madballs’ world before getting flung into the adventure oriented shorts. I’d highly recommend taking notes from the original Madballs cartoons and the Garbage Pail Kids comics from IDW.

ZCOMIC01GINGERDEAD MAN# 3 (Action Lab/Danger Zone)

Concluding the first story of Full Moon’s most recent moneymaker,  Gingerdead Man goes all out Game of Thrones on the dope dealing punks who resurrected him, unleashing armies of drug laced mini-gingers, flying candy dragons, and a giant cookie henchman! Way more to offer than most the movies, this has definitely been a comic worth picking up if not for its dark offbeat humor and cartoony gore.

BILL & TED GO TO HELL #3 (Boom!)

We’re officially passed the nostalgia of rehashing the movies, and are entering totally new territory as Bill and Ted journey through limbo with their historic heroes to infiltrate Heaven after a most bogus takeover by Napoleon. Fun art, epic stakes being raised, and a great surprise at the end that leaves me eagerly waiting for the final issue!



Not much happening in this breather of an issue with little to no humor. Jack’s doppleganger is still asking everyone if they’re Jack Burton, Jack has some deep conversations while Egg gets high off opium, and Chi is tempted by the dark side after Lo Pan learns the future on her cell. Lot of set-up for what I’m hoping will be an adventure filled issue coming next.

ZCOMIC03PUPPET MASTER# 14 (Action Lab/Danger Zone)

This comic keeps on delivering the goods! The ass-face monster, Anapa, manifests in the flesh, takes Camille as his bride,  and sets out to destroy Toulon’s puppets and their new master at the hotel. Writer Shawn Gabborin better be brought on to write a Puppet Master movie in the near future, because he knows how to perfectly capture what fans like about the previous films while continuing to develop and expand the Puppet Master’s universe. I still consider this the best horror movie based comic on the rack!

ZCOMIC06EVIL DEAD 2: CRADLE OF THE DAMNED #3 (Space Goat Publishing)

Deadite Clone Ash and Annie have a blossoming love that transcends the very planes of existence as they continue to plot their escape from the Deadite’s hellish mirror dimension with the help of a Dr. Strange wannabe. This really should have been combined with issue 2, upped the tension with more monsters, and give us a reason to care about the mystery monk already. Pissed the artist jipped us on what could have been a awesomely gory death scene for a horror comic, opting for a lame silhouette kill panel instead.

EVIL DEAD 2: REVENGE OF HITLER (Space Goat Publishing)

This story is as epic as that street fight in Rocky V. Hitler is magically resurrected with powers from the Necronomicon tattooed all over him and starts taking charge of the Deadites. Unable to fight him, the Deadites enlists clone Ash’s help, promising to make him a whole person with no Deadite magic in him. Ash is zapped to Deadite hell, kicks Hitler in the balls, blows his head off, blows the Deadite’s heads off when they go back on their deal, and goes back in his mobile home. The end. Better than rehashing Sam Raimi’s 30 yr old jokes like Dynamite Comics, but come on Space Goat! Good attempt but push yourself more.

EVIL DEAD 2: CRADLE OF THE DAMNED #2 (Space Goat Publishing)

Not much happening this issue. Annie tries sending her captured Deadites back to their hell/mirror dimension, but jumps in with them when it sucks up her magical Deadite clone of Ash. After that, it’s just pages and pages of mediocre art showing them die again and again until a mystery man we may or may not care about saves them with some questionable advice for how to escape. Lot of missed opportunity here with the art and gore, really needed to develop the plot more and move the story along faster, but at least there was an exciting panel with Cthulhu.

SWAMP THING# 4 2016 (DC)

Matt Cable takes on the burden of being Swamp Thing, leaving Alec Holland a new man . . . again. With nothing better to do, Alec annoys Matt with free lectures on being the best muckman he can be, driving the poor guy to take an expected plot turn and become a power hungry vegan abusing his new powers for his vision of world order. Artist Kelley Jones is in full stride now with Swamp Thing’s design (more vines, Kelley, MORE!), deaths so gory it reminds me of Day of the Dead, and damn whoever censored Jones for not showing more of Zatanna dropping the robe!

BILL & TED GO TO HELL #2 (Boom!)

So, Napoleon’s overthrown the devil, turns Hell into a waterpark, and drops Bill & Ted with their historic heroes into their worst nightmares while he plays Death for the keys to Heaven. Clever rehashing of familiar plots and scenes from the Bogus movie by inserting the heroes from Excellent, this is a fun read with an epic feel that’s proving to be a worthy story, but hopefully we’ll start introducing fresher ideas next issue. Party on.


Ash is convinced the monsters are on his side to vanquish the Deadites with the Necronomicon and blows the S-Mart to join their camp “Alive” where Evil Ash leads regular attacks. The story’s developing well with the best roster of characters since the League of Light, but damn if we can’t get away from fucking Evil Ash as the bad guy again! Speakin’ of rehashing old material, the Deathcoaster returns as it was seen in Army of Darkness but really should have been redesigned given Ash is using modern tech to build it now. Really bothered me this was the least cool Bruce Campbell has ever looked in a comic. You can tell the artist is referencing Ash VS Evil Dead for the likeness, but he really needs to work on it! Werewolf bikers, Deadite screening processes, explanations for why monsters and Deadites don’t mix, nuns with secrets, and fruit cake!

GINGERDEAD MAN# 2 (Action Lab/Danger Zone)

The neighbors ain’t happy about the noise next door at the abandoned bakery and call the popo to investigate. Instead of chasing off the usual squatters, 2 cops find themselves facing off against the freshly baked Gingerdead Man and his newest recipes for death! Bakery transplants, deep throatin’, face meltin’, drug ragin’, Gingerdead Man cooks up a baked goods army complete with a candy dragon, and you see ’em fuckin’ a dough girl in the backdoor!


If you thought this was just going to be a Mad Max parody, you’re only half right! Combining elements from past AOD storylines with some possible influence from the new Ash VS Evil Dead show, we’ve jumped 20 yrs into the future where Ash has failed, and the Deadites rule the wastelands of Detroit. Setting up the mini-series, we’re introduced to Dracula’s daughter, the Frankenstein monster, werewolves, gargoyles, and witches running over demonic forces to reach an S-Mart where Ash is hold up protecting the Necronomicon. Great art, interesting concept, and curious to see how similar to “From the Ashes” and “Long Road Home” this will be. I’m on board for the ride!


zcomk1PUPPET MASTER# 13 (Action Lab/Danger Zone)

Big plot developments in this issue as the gang completes their chores for Anapa, the new puppet master learns Leech Woman’s deepest thoughts are doughnuts, and Blade and Pinhead tag-team kill a couple of psychics. Still one of the best horror movie comic tie-ins on the shelf!


zcomk3SWAMP THING# 3 2016 (DC)

The first 2 issues must have been a warm-up, because artist Kelley Jones is cooking with fire now! Matt Cable returns with one of Swampy’s more hackneyed plots, offering the muckman the chance to turn human again with the help of guest superhero, Zatanna. Nearly zero action, but pages and pages of Kelley playing with shadows, Swampy’s vines, and Zatanna’s hair.



Burt’s still stuck in the past with Wang’s daughter and might be responsible for sending a young and well meaning Lo Pan down the path of evil?! Perfect package of multiple characters and layered plots that reads like a satisfying graphic novel in a cool 22 pages. We learn lice can be used as a pick-up line, and what’s with the big floating head in the last panel on page 12?


zcomk5ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK# 15 (Boom!)

We’ve waited 20 years to know what happened to Snake in Cleveland, but it’s turning out to be a pretty lackluster shoot’em up story with hobo revolutions and Snake holding the U.S. Constitution hostage with a lighter for a cliffhanger.



zgingerGINGERDEAD MAN# 1(Action Lab/Danger Zone)

The fatal cookie is back with a story that could take place anytime after the first movie. Some 80’s cartoon looking punks move their drug business into the bakery Gingerdead Man first rose from, and mix a batch of super drugs, beer, blood vomit, and Gary Busey’s cookie dough ashes with homicidal results. Satisfying body count, puns galore, sweet swearing, and a final splash page your mama better not see!


PUPPET MASTER#12 (Action Lab/Danger Zone)

With the exception of Tunneler carving people up like live turkies and Torch burning up furniture, this issue was more exposition, teases, and reveals than anything else. Still one of the strongest horror movie comics out there, and I sing praises to writer Shawn Gabborin for bringing in so many things from the movies that were dropped and connecting all the continuity dots!



New artist and story arc! Jack’s been zapped to old time Chinatown with Wang’s daughter, and they find young Egg Shen to help get them back to the future before Jack’s evil Terminator-like doppleganger takes him out. Interesting look into characters’ origins, and the art’s a little non-conventional but in a good way. Had me laughing out loud when introducing Fancypants Dan!


EVIL DEAD 2: TALES OF THE EX-MORTIS #3 (Space Goat Publishing)

This Ash-less anthology series wraps up its longest running story with Deadite on Deadite violence during a Constantine inspired spell, followed by a quick read about old west bimbos having showdowns with cowboy Deadites, and finish with Nazis going to war with an Egyptian army of darkness after disturbing a tomb. Well done stories, but I’m not feeling enough connection with the source material. Purely buying this for its title alone right now.


zcomswamp2SWAMP THING #2 2016 (DC)

We continue Swampy’s battle with the lame ass super zombie that shouldn’t even be a challenge for the ol’ muckman, and wrap up a so-so story with some sweet monster brawling. Beautiful coloring by Michelle Madsen, and some of Kelley Jones’ best artwork I’ve seen in a while. Could stand to add plant vines to Swampy, though, which he doesn’t do until the end of the book. Without them, he looks like every generic hulking mass Kelley draws.


zcombilltedBILL & TED GO TO HELL #1 (Boom!)

Wyld Stallyns fans have the best of 2 movies thrown in a blender when the historic heroes of Excellent Adventure battle the forces of hell from Bogus Journey. Hell sends Bill and Ted’s worst nightmares to kidnap Death so they can learn how to invade heaven, and its up to these pop culture icons to get him back. Lots of familiar faces and jokes from the movies, slick art, decent story, and we find out you can dial a direct line to hell in the phonebooth!


zdead2EVIL DEAD 2: CRADLE OF THE DAMNED #1 (Space Goat Publishing)

Space Goat dares to stop rehashing Sam Raimi’s old jokes and brings fresh material into the Evil Dead franchise! But perhaps too fresh . . . After Annie escapes hell with a magically cloned Ash who shares her menstrual cycle, she takes it upon herself to capture fugitive Deadites in . . . cans of cat food? You got to read it to believe it, Scream Freaks!



PUPPET MASTER #11 (Action Lab/Danger Zone)

We finally learn what happened to Camille after the second Puppet Master movie, see a puppet orgy of blood not seen since the original film, and Neil Gallagher mysteriously returns from the grave. Still the best horror comic on the shelves right now in my opinion!

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